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Have you ever considered the real cost of replacing a field technician?

Research indicates that replacing a skilled worker can amount to 30% to 150% of their yearly salary when you factor in both direct and indirect expenses.

To put it in perspective, if you spend a month replacing a technician, that’s a potential average revenue loss of $30,000 in field services.

But what if you could turn things around?

Our solution deeply integrates technicians into your team, blending professional growth with financial rewards, creating an irresistible work environment. The best part? The entire program pays for itself by eliminating the burdensome costs of technician replacements.

What We Do

We help recruit career orientated mobile technicians to your organization and provide specialized training and real-time communication tools for them to thrive effectively as a team.

How We Do It

We provide you the secret formula for keeping technicians long term. (Yes, it’s an actual formula.)

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Introducing AskAlex, your free cutting-edge knowledge base to help navigate your daily role and career as a mobile service technician or engineer.

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  • Should I enter a customers house if fixing their car? 🏡
  • How do I deal with a ferocious dog? 🐺
  • How do I adjust the brakes on a 2019 Wabash trailer?🚛
  • How should I respond to road rage? 😡

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These renowned professionals enrich Alex’s dataset daily, drawing upon their extensive real-world experiences. They tackle challenges and innovate solutions, proven successful in thousands of automotive dealerships that have adopted mobile service as a pivotal strategy for customer satisfaction. This premium package also features a biweekly newsletter brimming with inventive solutions and inspiring success stories directly from actual dealerships.

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